Invest in Africa (IIA) partnered with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to enhance the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social, ansd Governance) sustainability and reporting by women small and medium enterprises (WSMEs). The initiative is targeted at Kenyan WSMEs, particularly those owned by young entrepreneurs, to adopt sustainable business practices. Through gap analysis, capacity building, and technical support, the WSMEs will develop and implement ESG strategies and action plans to be more responsible for society and attract pivotal stakeholders, including investors. Apply Here.

Through this program, WSMEs will be positioned to access sustainability funding, including climate change financing and trade, and collaborate with like-minded peers and ecosystem actors. The initiative will also ensure that the WSMEs can contribute to the shift to key ESG sustainability aspects, such as the global green transition. By implementing ESG policies and action plans, the enterprises will enhance their responsibility to people within their operations and the communities in which they operate.