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Innovate Now Demo Day: 9th December 2022

The Innovate Now Demo Day is a pitch and showcase event that gives the ventures an opportunity to share their solutions addressing challenges faced by persons with disabilities. We hope that through this event the ventures will attract and initiate conversations with strategic partners and investors.

ARIN International Conference 2022: 7th – 9th December

ARIN International Conference brings together an international community of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to reflect on the implications of the global challenges on the African continent and options for responding to these challenges inclusively and sustainably. This year's Conference is designed with the understanding that Africa is subjected to several transitions structured by major social, economic, and environmental disruptions such as climate change, COVID-19, disaster risks, and knowledge shifts. These disruptions are redefining new institutional cultures, governance, and decision-making processes with implications on the people and particularly the poor and marginalized groups including women, children, indigenous people, and ethnic minorities among others.

JICA Masterclass- Side Event at KIW: 7th December 2022

Join Kenya Innovation Week, a shared platform/movement towards desired national goals through innovation held on 6-8th December 2022! On 7th Dec., JICA will host a side event with M-Pesa Africa and Adanian Labs.

Kenya Innovation Week: 5th – 8th December 2022

Kenya Innovation Week (KIW) is a flagship innovation forum for the country run by the Kenya National Innovation Agency. It seeks to showcase the innovativeness of Kenyans under which the national priorities of the Vision 2030 will be advanced.

CEIL Summit 2022: 1st – 2nd December 2022

The Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Institutions Leaders (CEIL) Summit, is an Initiative of Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) that targets various institutional leaders from key sectors with an intention of advancing the national commercialization infrastructure.

10th Annual SME Conference & Expo: 17th -18th November

Fostering Greater Participation & Sustainability of MSMEs in Production and Enterprise Cooperatives" The conference will bring together more than 600 MSMEs from various sectors such as Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Tourism, Healthcare, Construction, and Agribusiness, among others, to discuss business agility in uncertain times and co-create solutions for future growth of SMEs in Africa.