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CEIL Summit 2022: 1st – 2nd December 2022

The Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Institutions Leaders (CEIL) Summit, is an Initiative of Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) that targets various institutional leaders from key sectors with an intention of advancing the national commercialization infrastructure.

10th Annual SME Conference & Expo: 17th -18th November

Fostering Greater Participation & Sustainability of MSMEs in Production and Enterprise Cooperatives" The conference will bring together more than 600 MSMEs from various sectors such as Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Tourism, Healthcare, Construction, and Agribusiness, among others, to discuss business agility in uncertain times and co-create solutions for future growth of SMEs in Africa.

Kenya Cottage Expo 2022: 17th – 19th November

The Kenya Cottage industry Expo addresses the challenges that home-based businesses face by bringing together entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and suppliers in an environment that will benefit key players in this industry. The plenary session that is usually on the first day of the Expo provides insights on key topics that affect cottage businesses and creates opportunities for business owners to network and engage industry stakeholders.

Nairobi Business Week 2022: 15th- 16th November 2022

Nairobi Business Week is a large scale business exhibition, trade show and conference for businesses and companies coming together to showcase their products , services and promote new business developments. Focusing on post Covid-19 economic recovery across Nairobi and the nation at large.